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Junkyard Aikido and Joint-Lock Flow Seminar

October 27th
Cost is only $70 for non-members, $60 for members

Junkyard Aikido cuts through the myth and misinformation to make joint locking skills accessible to any martial artist or self-defense practitioner. In this 6 hour seminar, Instructor Eric Mayes will teach step-by-step how to successfully apply joint locks in a combative setting, as well as flow drill to help link each action.

Instead of throws and submissions, the applications of Junkyard Aikido focus on breaking joints and creating opportunities for disabling strikes that will decisively end a fight. It also teaches you locks as the basis for weapon strips and disarms, giving you a decisive advantage over an armed attacker.

Instructor Bio for Eric Mayes:

Owner of Rocky Mountain Self-defense

Grand County SWAT Defensive Tactics Instructor

Martial Blade Concepts:

  • Certified Full Instructor in Martial Blade Concepts, Counter Blade Concepts, and the subsystems of Damithurt Silat , Sobadiwana Escrima
International Combat Hapkido Federation:

  • Rocky Mountain Region Director of Training and Operations
  • Rocky Mountain Region Director of Weapons and Ground Survival
  • 5th Degree Black Belt in Combat Hapkido

Hoch Hochheim’s Scientific Fighting Congress:

  • Certified Close Quarter Combatives Advanced Instructor