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Give the gift of gallantry and daring-do with swordfighting, a fun way to get fit “old school” style. This is the solution you’ve been searching for to satisfy that hard-to-buy-for friend of loved one. You don’t have to be an athlete, you just need a sense of adventure and some comfortable clothes. We’ll provide the equipment.

Class Gift Certificates:

Taster Class (Introductory Course)
Give something unique with this twelve-class course in either Medieval swordfighting (Taste of the Knightly Arts), or rapier dueling (Taste of the Renaissance).

Dueling for Two
A special, private lesson for two will let a couple of friends try their hands at an ancient martial art!

Forteza Gift Certificates



Gift Certificates for Anything at Forteza

Not sure what a student needs? You might be interested in Forteza Bucks.
These gift certificates can be used for for any program, event or product at the studio!

Forteza Bucks Gift Certificates:

Forteza Bucks


Here’s how it works:

  • Choose the gift certificate (links are above, or on the Join Now page)
  • Fill out registration with either a) the recipients information, or b) your information, with the recipient’s name in the “Gift for” field
  • You’ll be emailed a beautiful gift certificate which you can either send to a friend, or print out for a lovely presentation in person.
  • Recipients just bring it with them to the studio and we do the rest! (Gift Certificates are good for one year after purchase.)

It’s as easy as that!

Of course, we can also tailor a gift to you needs. Take a look at any of the introductory courses on our Join Now page, or call us at (773) 271-3988 to discuss your needs!