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Hate Pushups? Let’s make this October change that forever!

October Training Challenge:
Do 100 Push Ups in 1 week 

You have 4 weeks to get there. We have a plan to get you there!

Each week is it’s own mini-challenge, building up to big strength gains by month’s end.  We Start Monday, October 5th.

Ready? Of course you are! Let’s do this!

Step 1) Commit to a few minutes a day for your health, and join the FREE PUSH UP TRACKER to watch yourself progress.
(Want to be anonymous? Make up a fun nickname.)

Step 2) Monday Night PUSH UP CLINICS will happen during FightingFit! Class at 6:30 PM. We’ll show you variants to challenge any fitness level, and coach your form.   

Worried about your wrists? We have options.
Think you’re too buff for this challenge? We’ll show you more difficult pushups to try.

Step 3) Might as well come to weekday classes to get in your reps 😉.  All our fitness classes will provide an opportunity for that day’s pushups, as well as coaching.

Miss a class? Then pushups are simply homework.

Special Facebook Frame

Excited about what you’re gonna accomplish? Use our special Facebook Frame around your profile picture in October.  Get it HERE.