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SwordFit — Martial Arts Bootcamp

Knightly Arts Meets Peak Performance Fitness

Swordfighting is one of the most effective forms of cross-training available. It combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise with a diverse workout that builds core strength, cardiovascular fitness, hand-eye coordination, balance, and timing; all through practicing a fun and engaging martial art. SwordFit! is a solo training program that combines a great way to build confidence, bust stress, and get in touch with your inner warrior with one of the most exciting tools available: the medieval longsword. Combined with the use of staff weapons, body-weight exercises and “old school” fitness techniques that literally extend back thousands of years, you can now use the tools of the warrior to build endurance, agility, raw power, reaction time, and fluid motion.

SwordFit! will push you physically and mentally to new limits to enhance your ability as a fighter or athlete. You will learn greater balance, speed, strength, stamina and more that will transform you into a more formidable warrior, with or without a sword. Whatever your fitness goals are, you’ll get an amazing and different kind of workout, while having a ton of fun in the process.

SwordFit! Is available as a stand-alone work-out, as part of our comprehensive, FightingFit! bootcamp program or as a free, bonus class for students with Swordsman Memberships.

We also livestream this class, so you can follow along at home!

Is This Program Right for Me?

SwordFit! is excellent for those who:

  • Are looking for a form of fitness that is exciting, dynamic and unique.
  • Enjoy focusing on one technique at a time and having the opportunity to rigorously test it.
  • Want to challenge themselves to lose weight, build endurance, build strength and balance and increase speed and reaction time.
  • Learn an exciting new skill.
  • Have an interest in swordplay, but are not sure you have the time or interest to dedicate to a martial art.
  • Are a swordplay student who wants to refine your core attributes.

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