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Fight Direction: Swordplay for Stage and Screen


Swordplay for Actors

There is a long tradition between fencing and theater, one that continues to this day. Forteza is often contacted about providing fight-training for local theater or to perform choreographed arrangements. While this is outside our focus — we train how to fight, not how to create cunning illusions of fighting — we are fortunate that two or our members are also the proprietors of R&D Choreography. R & D has worked at theatres, schools, and universities around the city, the region, and the country, and teach, choreograph, and perform all sorts of staged violence. They have worked for many different theatres, from established ones to the shoestring-budget start-ups that in many ways are the personification of Chicago Theatre. Forteza has also worked with the guys to refine our own presentations to the public and are pleased to recommend their services.

Email them at Or if you prefer to speak to us in person you can call us at 773-517-2965 

How Do I Begin?

R&D periodically offers workshops and classes at Forteza, so keep an eye on our calendar!