Forteza Fitness


Situated about Forteza’s main floor is “the Rookery”, a 3000 sf, competition-length 8-lane archery range! Here students and practiced archers alike can practice one of humanity’s oldest leisure activities and martial arts.

Beginners welcome! No familiarity or previous experience is required; bows and arrows will be provided for all students with archery lessons for beginners.

There are three ways you can participate!

Our Introduction to Archery course is designed to get new archers up and running, and knock the rust of a bow-arm that may not have drawn a string in quite some time. Students learn the fundamentals of how to shoot the modern recurve bow but will also learn about the history of archery and the many forms it has taken over the years, from the famed English longbow to the Asiatic composite bow. Class will instill range safety and etiquette, the history of archery, the operation and care of various bows, and will give you all you need to become a regular shooter at the range.

Open Range is a drop-in or punch-card program for archers looking for a flexible shooting schedule and is bought in one-hour blocks. You can use our equipment or bring your own (60 lb draw-maximum).

Youth Archery is an on-going, open-ended after school/Saturday morning program for kids 9 – 13. We provide the gear and the instructor; your kids bring the enthusiasm and together we have fun! For children who want to get their Robin Hood on adding the swordplay taught in our Cavaliers program, this can be combined at a dramatic discount in a Yeoman membership.