Forteza Fitness

Nicole Allen

Marketing and Merchandising

Nicole joined the Chicago Swordplay Guild just after its founding in 1999, and was sucked in from day one. Since joining, she has served as an officer, assistant instructor, event coordinator and the self-appointed, Minister of Style, who looked at a rag-tag bunch of martial artists and decided that they needed some panache. What began as a coat-of-arms and t-shirt quickly grew into not only Guild bling, but a new business, Revival Clothing. Although Revival’s focus is on providing high-quality clothing for medieval reenactors, it has also allowed Nicole the resources to develop a range of products for modern students of Western martial arts.

Forteza has been very happy to draw on Nicole’s experience and background to not only help develop the studio’s look and feel, but to develop our growing pro-shop, bringing out students high-quality training equipment under one roof.