Forteza Fitness

Strength • Speed • Knowledge • Courage

Our Motto

Over 600 years ago, an Italian knight and master-at-arms chose these four words (in Latin:FortitudioCeleritasPrudentita and Audatia) to symbolize the qualities of the perfect warrior. These same words exemplify the virtues we seek to foster and develop in the Forteza family.

  • Strength – in body, focus and the resolve to achieve more;
  • Speed – grace of form, elegance in motion and swiftness in decisiveness;
  • Knowledge –of self, prudence in thought and word;
  • Courage – to challenge ourselves, to face conflict and to be our best in word and deed.

When you see these words, remember that they are a call to action from across the gulf of centuries, challenging us to be more, do more and seek more. They are a reminder that the study and practice of the martial arts, and the quest to improve our bodies and minds are not just exercise, but rather a tool for building character and personal discipline – qualities that we believe can be of benefit to the modern world as much as they were for the ancient one.

Strength • Speed • Knowledge • Courage