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Registration Open for MidWinter Armizare Swordplay Tournament (28 – 29 Jan 2023)

Registration is live!

In conjunction with the Midwest Historical Fencing League and Forteza Fitness & Martial Arts the Midwinter Armizare Open is a public display of skill with one and two-handed swords in a relatively rules-light format meant to emphasize the tactical priorities of fighting with sharp weapons in lethal combat.

This year’s event returns to our home studio…only we will be debuting the Forteza “Rookery” — a 3000 sf additional space upstairs. No more cramming into a single studio space — four lists running at all times!


  • Longsword
  • One-handed Sword (rapier, sidesword, dussack/messer),
  • Sword and Companion (Buckler, Rotella or Dagger)

(Complete rules for the tournament.)


Saturday, 28 Jan and Sunday 29 Jan 2023

Location: Forteza Fitness & Martial Arts 4437 N. Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL 60640



9:30 – Sign In

11:00 – Introduction: Rules and Demo

11:30 – Longsword

02:30 – Break

03:00 – Single Sword Tournament

06:30 – After Event Party


10:00 – Sign In

11:00 – Sword & Companion Tournament 01:30 – Break

02:00 – MidWinter King Finals Tournament.

3:30 After Event Reception

If signing up for 2 events, we will follow-up to confirm which events you are fighting in.


You MUST be vaccinated and boosted to attend, with a current vaccination within the last six months of the tournament.

Register Now!