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Feeling Sluggish Locked Inside? Try Forteza On-Line!

Since we are all stuck at home “Flattening the Curve”, Forteza has been working hard at getting classes on-line. This is new for us, but we are ready to offer you some training and exercise opportunities!

There are several ways we are providing training:

Free, Open-Access Training Videos

Short, 2 – 5 minute solo drills and training advice on everything from fitness to martial arts, posted on the Forteza and Chicago Swordplay Guild Facebook pages. 

Public On-Line FightingFit! and SwordFit! Classes

On-line classes will be run by an instructor, so you can follow along at home. Classes are using ZOOM! Click this link 10 minutes before class starts to join the web-meeting.Public classes are announced on the Forteza Facebook page, with log-in info. Here’s a roster of classes!


SpartanFit! – 10:00 AM 


FightingFit! Combat Yoga – 6:30 AM 

FightingFit – 6:30 PM


FightingFit! Flex – 7:00 AM 

Swordfit! Sprint – 6:00 PM

FightingFit! – 6:30 PM


FightingFit! Combat Yoga – 6:30 AM 

FightingFit! – 6:30 PM


FightingFit! Flex – 7:00 AM 

FightingFit! – 6:30 PM

SwordFit! Sprint – 7:30 PM

There is no charge for these classes, though instructors will have a PayPal “tip jar” available.)

Public Martial Arts Classes

We are also making a growing number of martial arts classes available to the public, especially those that neither require a lot of gear (for out knife classes, you could use a spoon, if you had too!) or experience to practice. Why not join us?


Bowie and Knife – 8:00 PM


Martial Blade Concepts – 3:00 PM

There is no charge for these classes, though instructors will have a PayPal “tip jar” available.)

Private, Member’s Only Martial Arts Classes

We have a series of weekly swordplay classes and lectures, just for current members! These are using ZOOM! and members will be emailed a full schedule and logon information. Keep checking your email and social media for details!

None of this is the spring we envisioned when 2020 began, but it is the spring life has dealt us. All we can do is see it through with the most flexibility, determination, compassion and good humor we can. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, and let us provide you with a little distraction and sense of community during these trying times.

Best Wishes,

Your Forteza Family.