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You don’t have to be your own trainer too.

Of course you want to stay healthy, but being an adult is seriously getting in the way. Work. Family. Traffic. Pandemics (!!!) We get it. It’s a lot to manage, and it saps your motivation. Figuring out this exercise thing too, is a lot to ask.

We have a solution: live classes online will guide you through a workout at home. No big planning needed. The trainer can answer questions, the other students are real people, and dang it – you’ll feel real good when class is over!

Join Forteza’s Fitness Online to get the boutique fitness experience at home.
No equipment necessary.

This is the virtual counterpart to our popular FightingFit! program. Forteza’s Fitness Online program has the same enthusiastic coaches, plus offers a host of benefits for the busy professional or parent:

  • Live Classes Online
  • Class Recordings, so you can go back and review. (or make up what you missed)
  • An ever-growing library of short Technique Videos
  • Guided Training Videos – workouts and drills you can turn on at your leisure
  • A community of fellow students with struggles just like yours

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We have several classes specifically designed with working out at home in mind:

Combative Yoga 

A stretch class different from others in that it applies both slow lengthening and dynamic movement. This will get you limbered up for the day, but in such a way the next door neighbor isn’t banging your wall to keep it down!

Fighting Fit! Bit 

Crunched for time? Work at home and need an excuse to get up and move? This quick, 30-minuted guided workout will get the blood flowing.

And if you want even more of a challenge:


This is your regular, reliable workout that will get you moving and sweating.


Our Sunday morning class is designed for folks who like to adventure race, but it’s good for anyone who wants a challenge. This is the at-home versions of the kick-your-butt workout you’ve been looking for.  As with any fitness class – just do what you can!

How do I begin?

If you’ve been wanting to get off your couch and become more comfortable in your own skin, then your journey starts here! Beginning is easy!

Enroll in our Fitness Online and log-in to as many of these classes as you like! There is no limit.

But wait – did you hear about our Swordplay Online classes?  The All-Inclusive Online membership will got you both Fitness and Swordplay classes!